Jun. 3rd, 2016

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A student died at my son's school on Wednesday, from a fall. It was a shocking thing, still more questions than answers, but it's been gratifying to see the school pull together. He was a middle schooler (they share a building). Today was supposed to be a fun day of "olympics" and a BBQ, and the staff decided to go ahead with that, which I am glad for.

Last weekend I headed home to help my sister as she moved into our parents' (former) house. We inherited it when Dad died, and I sold her my half, and my nephew has been living there in the interim. But now she's moved in. She had a long wishlist of things she wanted to change/fix before move-in, and I was surprised to arrive and find that so few of them had been tackled. But she's in, and I'm glad I helped, and the other day she posted a nice lake view and it made me feel good that she and her husband are there.

I cannot believe that in a few weeks I am putting my son on a plane to go to Greece on a school trip. We've been apart that long before, but we were travelling, not home. The house will feel very empty.


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