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I finished this audiobook on my drive in October. This was an excellent recommendation from Nancy/Paul.

When it FIRST started, it had the stereotypical fantasy trope of "It was the first day of Cattarhgery in the second month of the feast of Thrgruoberent, when the moon was in the waning phase of Hebentharium..." and I was like, GROAN. But it picked up right away.

It launched pretty quickly into a caper and I thought, boy, that was fast, this feels like it should be the climax of the plot, not the intro. But then that's the beauty of the book, it just builds from there, more intrigue and cleverness and scrapes piled on, with a ton of banter, and all in all it's just an enjoyable ride. So thanks for the solid recommendation.

That guy better be writing more books.
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As I was explaining in someone's else journal, I read a lot of novels about family dysfunction. That's primarily because it's become such a common theme in popular fiction, and because I get most of my reading material from my MIL. She reads a ton of books, all genres, but when she passes books on she gives the lighter stuff to her cleaning lady, the mysteries and crime thrillers to my BIL, and I get what's left, which tends to be the depressing angst-ridden material. She once apologized to me because she was worried I'd think she was sending some subliminal message by loading me up with all these books about fucked-up families. Heh.

Anyway, what drives me crazy is that JUST when the problems begin to be resolved, the characters face their demons, and the families start moving towards happiness....the book ends. I understand that's the structure of the plot--build to a crisis, achieve resolution, and the curtain falls. But it's galling to me to be involved with characters and then have the door slammed in my face the moment they start looking like their lives might improve. DAMN IT.

I suppose reading another 400 pages about ordinary cheerful happiness would get boring, but that's a kind of boring I might welcome after 36 chapters of sturm and drang.
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After saying I couldn't pick five best, scout prodded me to post a list of what I read. I have some holes in my book diary, but most of it is here. I've posted a few comments here and there. I tend to read stuff my mom-in-law passes down (brand new) and stuff I find at the thrift store or a garage sale that I've been meaning to read (generally a few years old). The list: Read more... )

There's about 60 there, but 3 are re-reads and 3-4 are audiobooks.  I also have a few others I started but haven't finished (some I will, some I probably won't).   I hope I do a better job with the book diary in 2006.  It's remarkable what you forget.


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