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I've been going through some videos of Dad looking (in vain, sadly) for the conversation where he discussed our archeology trip. I ran across his response to my question of who influenced him. He named several people I knew, but one unexpected person (and a stranger to me) was a professor who was the head of the art department at University of Iowa. Apparently he came to review senior work in Omaha (where my Dad was in school) and pitched an art education career to all of them. Dad said he'd never considered that before, but it set him on the path to a graduate degree. Same with all of his fellow graduating art seniors--all went on to teaching careers.

I figured this fellow would be dead, but I checked anyway. I found a family genealogy page put together by his son (the father had passed away 14 years ago). I contacted him via email and explained why I was writing, and he sent my recap along to his two sisters. Now I've heard from all three of them, each tickled to hear this story about their Dad which they had not heard. One of them lives in Canada and she got the message on Remembrance Day, which she said made it that much more special to her.

That was a feel-good thing this week.


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