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Wow, 75 San Diego State students arrested for drug trafficking!

This is eye-opening eyebrow-raising: "Among the students arrested were an undergraduate majoring in criminal justice and a master's candidate who was a month away from a degree in homeland security and who worked as a community-service officer under the supervision of the campus police."
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The Chronicle of Higher Ed had this quote today:

"Banks are dictating what they want and how they want it," said Humberto F. Gonçalves, senior vice president for finance at Simmons College, who has heard of financial institutions' charging fees as high as one percent in recent weeks for converting variable-rate bonds. "They've got you by the short hairs, and they're yanking on them."

I thought "the short hairs" were, you know, short and curlies (as they like to say). Which makes that phrase colorful, but maybe a little TOO colorful for the paper.

Am I just behind the times? Has this phrase become so common that it's no longer racy?
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The lead from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

"In a strange twist of events, a professor at Columbia University who reported finding a noose outside her office door last fall has been reprimanded after an investigation concluded that she had committed numerous acts of plagiarism over several years."
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Incidentally, we have a booklet hanging in our office that has guidelines for what to do when you have an active shooter on campus. Which I reviewed over lunch. Sigh.

(FWIW, it had useful instructions like "move away from the shooter or sound of gunshots" O RLY?)


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