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Actually, this applies to several Daves on my fl. In Iowa now, having lunch. Headed for Davenport and then through IL to Chicago. Spending the night there, then Monday morning we're doing the museum of Science & Industry and the Robie House. Then HOME.

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We have driven a gazillion miles, six of us in one minivan. And we are all still talking to one another! My niece is driving me a little batty, but otherwise it's been great. Today we head back to Kearney....

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We had a Christmas of trains, planes and automobiles. It was generally lovely, and there is potentially much to write about, but I will, for the moment, restrict myself to lessons learned in travel.

Taking Amtrak into Detroit will show you things you've never seen before in that city.

Cabs who use text messages for dispatch will occasionally slip up and type "11:15" instead of "1:15" meaning you will eat Christmas dinner with a cab waiting in your driveway for two hours.

It is profoundly irritating to learn you only packed half the presents you planned to. You are blessed if your family is a good sport about opening boxes with I.O.Us inside.

Saying things like "Oh, that horrible weather is all in DENVER, that doesn't affect OUR travel plans" is a very effective jinx.

3/8" of ice encasing your rental car is a problem. Trying to get it all chipped off with only one glove and a AAA membership card serving as an ice scraper makes it a true heroic adventure.

If you do not want to incur the glare of dozens of travellers while all available TSA employees stop the screening line to confer over the contents of your bag, do not try to carry on an antique metal oil can. This will also prevent the incredulous looks from your spouse who cannot believe you didn't pack the goddamn thing in checked luggage.

When returning a rental car, you will save many headaches if one actually hands the keys over. This is especially true if you discover them four states later and Fed Ex--your sole means of returning them--is not planning to be open or operational for the next two days.


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