New Orleans

Jun. 2nd, 2012 06:33 pm
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So, I am in New Orleans with my sister and it has been pretty great thus far. No shortage of things to do here, and the weather has been pretty cooperative. Boy are my feet tired.

Today we were waiting for a streetcar near a hotel and a large extended-cab pickup pulled up and discharged a group of strapping young men. The hotel porter rolled his cart up and they unloaded two massive coolers, and a few bags of what was obviously liquor. And then each guy had a limp, barely-filled backpack for "luggage." One had a huge carton of Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers under his arm. It was an amusing tableau. READY FOR A WEEKEND IN THE BIG EASY.

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Kidlet had his birthday party today. I was aware that at this age, most kids give gift cards. That's what WE do for most classmates parties; what we've been doing for the last year or so, unless we know the kid well enough to know what Legos set or video game he doesn't have. So no surprise when at his party today he got two presents and six envelopes.

I was NOT aware that cash is the new trend. Three kids gave him straight-up cash! Who knew?

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Someone has since beaten this record. Now he teaches math at kidlet's school, and does the bridge elective.

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Expect many dull updates.

Who assigns fat people in middle seats between armrest-hogging men? The flight gods hate me.

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Dec. 10th, 2009 09:09 am
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OMG this is the second time I have paid to upgrade to this exit row but I HATE these seats. HATE. When will I learn? They are bulkhead seats and the trays are in the armrests so all your shit is taken from you before takeoff, and the seats are narrower than every other seat on the plane. Also people hang over you while they wait for the bathroom. The plane diagram is deceptive--it looks like there are seats ahead of this row but there is just the can and a flight attendant seat. Hate.

Plane travel (in coach) is like a hideous punishment that ought to be addressed by the Geneva convention.

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ETA. I guaranfuckingtee you this place is not taking off from Harriett street in inkster. WTG gps function.


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