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Okay, it's been 7 months since I switched my account, and here's my first entry. HOW TIMELY.

It has been a rough year, this has to be said. It feels weird to say that I love my job when my job was largely responsible for driving me half out of my mind, but the two are simultaneously true. It was also a slog to get my kid through that last year of high school, lots of angst with rewards and bright spots fleeting & far between. But I think it's smoother sailing ahead on at least the child-rearing front. The job, I don't know. It is probably going to be another challenging year, we all suspect it. I have to do a little more self-care this time.
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My coworker Phil brought in donuts this morning.

In the office email he sent to let us know they were available in the lunchroom, he typed "DONUTS" in the subject line followed by 23 exclamation marks.



Apr. 24th, 2013 12:06 pm
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For our survey project, every invitation we send out has to be approved in advance by our IRB. Therefore we have to plan ahead; we write most of them up some weeks before we even launch, and then just plan out later which ones to send when (depending on how things are going).

My colleague had the foresight to draft one that mentioned snow in April and how spring was never coming. We ended up sending a lot of other messages this month and when we didn't get to that one by mid-April I figured it would go unused.

So much for that.

We had previously decided to go to radio silence and leave the students alone for awhile, particularly since finals are looming, but today my colleague looked out the window in despair and declared F that, we're using the snow in April message. One good thing to come out of this weather, I guess.
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Omfg my coworker has a huge whitehead on his nostril and if he doesn't eliminate it by lunch I think I'm going to have to quit.

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Well, it's noon and in all honesty I haven't gotten a lick of real work done.

I've gotten good and mad at least twice, though, so that's something.

Holy shit, I just heard Pfizer is pulling out of Ann Arbor. I hope that's wrong. Good god.


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