Feb. 19th, 2008 10:33 am
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Kidlet's school has the game Risk available for aftercare, and after playing it there he begged us to buy it. I felt some reluctance because my memory of the game from childhood involved long, drawn-out games that never ended. My husband caved, and I have since used that excuse to avoid it every time my son asked. "Get your father to play; he's the one who agreed to buy it."

Well, for some reason I agreed to play a few weeks ago. Why did I wait so long? We are loving it. I almost bought a second game so kidlet and I could play without disturbing the 3-person game that awaits Mark's return from GDC. We decided, instead, to write down the locations of all the armies and reset the board. Now we're in the midst of a heated 2-person game. I have not had a dining room table for weeks, and we're changing around bedtime routines to accommodate more playing.

I find myself wondering this morning if I should just cede Africa and focus on other continents, or keep fortifying Egypt to keep the kid on his toes.
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In July my doc gave me some migraine medication, just so I'd have some around. Today was the first day I've actually taken any. I feel like I have an IQ of about 70. Headache's gone, but I wouldn't trust myself to operate a knife and fork.

My son's report card came home with a report of his typing accuracy. How adorable! 12 WPM with a 97% accuracy. I realize that's not going to with any awards but he is SEVEN. My husband, the speed keyboardist, says his heart melts when he sees the kid's fingers poised over the home row.


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