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Boy you sure find some unexpected stuff in genealogy.

My BIL doesn't know much about his family, so I've been filling in the blanks. His grandmother was married four times and I'm not sure how close his Dad was to the half-siblings that came from those marriages, so I don't know if he knew this cousin, but: one of his cousins moved to CA to pursue an acting career. He was napping when an acquaintance doused his bed in gasoline and burned him "because he was gay and wanted to put him out of his misery." He didn't die right away, he ran onto his porch which is where he was found.

His family back in South Dakota didn't know he was gay until the story came out.
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My team was discussing the potential addition of some acreage to one of the campus' wilderness areas, but had not yet spoken to the unit who would maintain it. My boss was trying to anticipate their funding request with some doubts about whether they really needed much.

I was like... hmm, maybe there are invasive plant species they need to get out? It was just a wild-assed guess.

Today we heard from the unit. One of their concerns: INVASIVE SPECIES! Woo hoo! I guessed it!

I was very excited in a way I thought I'd never be about invasive species.
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It remains hard to wrap my head around my son being 18. It seemed like that day would never come, when he was small, it just seemed so far off. And here he is, settled into it so well three months into "adulthood." He's not very adult yet, which is fine.

We started a Marley Spoon subscription. Two meals a week. We're two weeks in and I'm really pleased so far. Kirk is gung-ho to help, and I think he's building skills and confidence. I think it's helpful that we're approaching each recipe as novices together. We're referring to the same recipe, instead of me being some kind of kitchen oracle. We're eating more salad (I almost never make salad at home) which is good. Mark is appalled at the idea that we would have dinner ingredients FLOWN to us--the environmental impact horrifies him. Kirk pointed out we're keeping the recipe cards and maybe down the road we'll just acquire ingredients locally.

Kirk's Ireland trip looms. Mama is trying to focus on the many reasons we decided to do this for him so I do not freak out about him being across an ocean for three months.

Speaking of Ireland, Mark and I scrapped our tentative plans to see him while he's over there. In lieu of that we are, all three of us, taking a big trip later this month. Well, as big as we can manage given the number of things that require us to be in Ann Arbor. We are flying to Seattle, taking the Coast Starlight (Amtrak) down to LA, and then flying back home. Some parts of it may feel harried but 36 hours on the train ought to be very restful!
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Okay, it's been 7 months since I switched my account, and here's my first entry. HOW TIMELY.

It has been a rough year, this has to be said. It feels weird to say that I love my job when my job was largely responsible for driving me half out of my mind, but the two are simultaneously true. It was also a slog to get my kid through that last year of high school, lots of angst with rewards and bright spots fleeting & far between. But I think it's smoother sailing ahead on at least the child-rearing front. The job, I don't know. It is probably going to be another challenging year, we all suspect it. I have to do a little more self-care this time.
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My son has always been social, but in the last year or so he's been doing most of his "social" stuff online. With school friends or his Canadian buddy who all like the play the same games. It's social all right, they skype and all. But it just feels very different from what I am used to.

Well, now I have spent the last two weekends waiting up for him to get home after 2 am because he's at Denny's with friends after something social. And last night he said "Busy weekend, Mom. I'm giving blood Saturday, then trying a noodle place with friends. Sunday I'm going skiing." This is in addition to the Super Bowl party I already knew was on his plate.

Also: He's talking about "backpacking through Europe" with a friend.

Well, I'm pleased as punch.
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Well, here I am, having fled livejournal.
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I whispered, "Maybe I AM going to survive this busy period at work. I think I can see a way through. An end in sight."

The cruel Universe has exceptional hearing, friends. One phone call later and I'm back to "Holy shit" territory
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Well, it looks the kid who hit our car (repeatedly) was not insured, so I think I can kiss my deductible goodbye. Little pissant!

LJ email

Jun. 20th, 2016 08:41 am
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"Your email address has been marked as unvalidated because we have been receiving errors messages from your mail server for at least one week. This indicates the address may no longer be functional. You can re-validate this email address or switch to a new email address to begin receiving notifications again."

My email address is valid. Twice now I've asked it to send me a revalidation and it never arrived (I checked SPAM folders too). So I dunno what's up, LJ.
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A student died at my son's school on Wednesday, from a fall. It was a shocking thing, still more questions than answers, but it's been gratifying to see the school pull together. He was a middle schooler (they share a building). Today was supposed to be a fun day of "olympics" and a BBQ, and the staff decided to go ahead with that, which I am glad for.

Last weekend I headed home to help my sister as she moved into our parents' (former) house. We inherited it when Dad died, and I sold her my half, and my nephew has been living there in the interim. But now she's moved in. She had a long wishlist of things she wanted to change/fix before move-in, and I was surprised to arrive and find that so few of them had been tackled. But she's in, and I'm glad I helped, and the other day she posted a nice lake view and it made me feel good that she and her husband are there.

I cannot believe that in a few weeks I am putting my son on a plane to go to Greece on a school trip. We've been apart that long before, but we were travelling, not home. The house will feel very empty.
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If I had the time, I would describe the pretty awesome college tour we had at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee here!
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I found the campus to be more attractive and imposing that I expected.

I didn't think the guy we met for the info session was that great, and I didn't think the tour was so great either.  My husband and son thought they were both just fine.  I can't tell if I'm just being a hardass because this was my job lo these many years ago, or maybe I'm just cranky, or maybe they have no perspective since this is our first one.

I'll be eager to see how our next one goes, wherever that will be.
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Today is our FIRST OFFICIAL COLLEGE VISIT OMG.  [The kid went to an info session at U-M last summer, but missed the tour.  And he did that alone.  This is the first family trip to do this].

 We're just zipping down to U of Toledo, not that I think will end up high on his college list, but he talked to them at a recent college fair and mentioned them as a place worth checking out.  I glommed onto it and made it the only entry on our "to do" list for his spring break.
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I dreamt I was working for Christian Bale, an esteemed surgeon, and was boarding in a little room off the main office.  He (of course) turned out to be a serial killer.  I walked in to find my room cleaned out and he and his partner in the operating theatre, dismembering a body for eventual disposal.  They did not see me.  I couldn't figure out if that was me they'd killed, and I was lingering around as a ghost, or if they'd accidentally killed someone else.  I stood there paralyzed.  Do I to flee as quickly as possible, or stay there touching everything first so I left my fingerprints all over (so there'd be evidence if they did catch me and finish the job).

These are not restful dreams to have.

Blind man!

Mar. 8th, 2016 10:37 am
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They are renovating offices all around me as we reconfigure for more space.  Today someone showed up to take down a bunch of blinds, but had only a short time to work and said he's coming back tomorrow.  No sooner had he left than a second guy showed up and announced he was there to take down blinds.  So it sounds like they may have accidentally scheduled people from two different divisions to do the work, and there's all kinds of hubbub as they figure out whether this guy should be sent packing, or whether he should take down the blinds the other guy didn't get to.

But mostly I'm just sitting here DYING because I want to run out there and tell that convent story where the nuns are renovating and some guy announces himself as "BLIND MAN...."  I can hardly stand that I can't go out and tell this stupid joke.


Nov. 13th, 2015 06:00 pm
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Intellectual integrity, to me, means diligently assessing the ways that your worldview and background and biases affect how you evaluate information.  You may never be able to be completely "objective" -- and about some things, you might not want be.  But you should aspire to be aware and honest about the effect your position has on your judgment.
I think this is the part that drives me crackers when watching how most "debates" go down on the internet, particularly when people start bringing their evidence into it.
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Today at lunch a co-worker described how his high school classmate went off to college and got matched up with a freshman roommate who was an active drug dealer.  His friend got a little too involved in the wares, and ended up leaving before the year was out.

Now, the rest of us around the table could have asked what kind of drugs, was his friend an experimenter in high school, what happened to him, is he okay now, etc.

Instead what we zeroed in on is whether the college mentioned had a trimester or quarter system.
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I am so disgusted with my builder.  This is nothing at all new, it's just at the fore because I am sending him the final "HERE IS THE LAST OF THE MONEY YOU CLAIM WE OWE YOU, YOU SCUMBAG" check today and I hope he never darkens our door again.

To refresh my memory, and document what I am paying, I went back over old emails where I argued with him about invoices and stuff.

He was pretty great at the start.  And then he just wasn't.  I hope he drops his favorite cordless drill in a bucket of drywall mud.
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The fairy door thing in Ann Arbor may be too twee for some people, but I generally like the effort and the quirkiness.  I am also pleased that a goblin door has popped up.

Today I read that there's a fairy door at Google-- only it has a sign in the Google font saying "Giggle."  :)
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