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Today is our FIRST OFFICIAL COLLEGE VISIT OMG.  [The kid went to an info session at U-M last summer, but missed the tour.  And he did that alone.  This is the first family trip to do this].

 We're just zipping down to U of Toledo, not that I think will end up high on his college list, but he talked to them at a recent college fair and mentioned them as a place worth checking out.  I glommed onto it and made it the only entry on our "to do" list for his spring break.
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Every year, the japanese teacher at my son's school auctions off a dinner. Win it, and she'll come to your house and make a japanese dinner for 8. Or, more accurately, for 20. Our pals won the bidding war this year, and invited us to join them last night. We played cards in the kitchen for two hours while she cooked up a storm, telling us about ingredients. Then we all sat down and chowed.

That was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. And she enlisted the boys in making some of the rice dishes, and taught them to roll sushi. She is an excellent cook. I gorged myself. We all did.

Also, do not fall for it when the child of Asian parents tells you they are not a very good musician and are rusty from lack of practice. Sensei sat at the piano (having lowered our expectation with all these excuses) and proceeded to blow us away. I wish i could be that rusty at anything. She also claims to be lousy on her preferred instrument, the saxophone. I'll just bet.

Great night. I have a fridge packed with leftovers to boot.

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My cat has allergies, and even though I KNOW she has allergies, I fret when she sneezes and horks because I feel like I should take her to the vet....even though every other time I've taken her to the vet for this, they've said there's nothing wrong with her but allergies. Sometimes I start doubting that it could be only allergies, because lord she sounds sick.

Today she's horking badly, BUT my son is on the couch having some of the snottiest sneezes I've ever witnessed, so I think I can truly chalk this up to some particularly evil brand of pollen.

Poor kitty. Poor kid.


Feb. 19th, 2008 10:33 am
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Kidlet's school has the game Risk available for aftercare, and after playing it there he begged us to buy it. I felt some reluctance because my memory of the game from childhood involved long, drawn-out games that never ended. My husband caved, and I have since used that excuse to avoid it every time my son asked. "Get your father to play; he's the one who agreed to buy it."

Well, for some reason I agreed to play a few weeks ago. Why did I wait so long? We are loving it. I almost bought a second game so kidlet and I could play without disturbing the 3-person game that awaits Mark's return from GDC. We decided, instead, to write down the locations of all the armies and reset the board. Now we're in the midst of a heated 2-person game. I have not had a dining room table for weeks, and we're changing around bedtime routines to accommodate more playing.

I find myself wondering this morning if I should just cede Africa and focus on other continents, or keep fortifying Egypt to keep the kid on his toes.


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